Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Face Shapes

Have you ever loved a hairstyle but have wondered if it would work with your face shape? Well wonder no more! We found some helpful inspiration tools to guide you towards your ideal hairstyle specifically for your face shape!
First, it is important to understand your face shape and can sometimes be hard to figure out. Start by first pulling your hair entirely back so you can see all angles of your face. Point out the 4 "corners" of your face starting with the top right and left corner, then the bottom left and right corner. Comparing all 4 corners, look for which ones are more rounded, more square, or which ones angle out or round in. Compare the chart below with your face shape to help guide you as well.
Now that you have determined the shape of your face, use this tool below to help guide you towards hairstyles that would suite your face shape best! If you are still having a hard time trying to decide which style you want, make an appointment with one of our professional stylists and we will help you!

(Images found through Pinterest)

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