Saturday, January 31, 2015


We are talking about REDS today! We've heard clients before say that they don't look good with red hair. Although they could have a preference of not liking the color red over other hair colors for example, they also might not be choosing the right tone of red for their hair. Try looking at your skin under your wrist. If your skin has pink or yellow tones, your skin will usually look best with warmer tones. If you see more green or blue colors in your skin, you probably would want to stick to more cooler tones. Determining the underlining pigment of your skin can make a huge difference when choosing the right color for your hair. Here are some examples with tones of reds:
Warm Red Tones: Including coppers, warm blondes, and copper-reds.
Cool Reds: Including reds with a blue or purple base.



**Make an appointment with one of Aspen Salon's professional stylists and let us help you choose the right shade of red for your hair!
(All pictures found on Pinterest)

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